Saturday, April 3, 2010

Working on it!

Neighbor Eddie came over today to help out. We cleared the upstairs of the old trunk, all the old doors, and the lumber that we will be salvaging. We got more of the flooring ripped up and knocked out some more walls. I started on the bathroom, and the pictures here tell what horrors I found in there. We are fortunate the house has not burned down. It brings new meaning to the prayer I have heard a million times: "Lord, please protect us from the unseen dangers."
We got the old toilet and the really old sink out, but still need to get the less old one out. We also have to work our way to underneath the house and get the old water lines out - we capped them for now, since there are no valves.
My arms are about to fall off, I have blood blisters all over my hands, and I am generally exhausted. It's a wrap for today; it will be there for next time.

Jeffrey N Dickson

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