Saturday, March 20, 2010

Worky worky

Whew!  Karen is working me to death!  We got a late start today, due to the fact that we both slept in pretty late, ate a late breakfast, and then Keltan decided he needed to take a nap.  Normally he sleeps about an hour or so, but today he decided to sleep 2 and a half hours!  Good for him, but it delayed us getting started. 
We got upstairs and started tearing our more drywall.  We got just about everything down, save for a little more than 1 wall in one room, and the small bathroom.  Big mess up there right now, but at least we're getting the drywall down.  
I have never seen this before, but the drywall is seemingly glued down at the seams.  This makes for a really tough time of taking it down, and really slows the progress.  Another thing I have never seen, and can't figure out exactly why it was done, is that there are 2 areas of one room where there was cardboard nailed to the 1X8 under the drywall.  One was an old Coca Cola box that was from the days of WW2, and had a stamp on it that asked people to help win the war.  Interesting, but no idea why it was there.  Anyway, it isn't now.
We are both worn out, but we hope to get up there for a few more hours tomorrow and get the rest of the drywall off the walls.

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