Sunday, March 21, 2010

Remember the Sabbath

I tried to, anyway.  Karen, even though she was tired and has a cold, was insistent upon going upstairs to destroy more drywall.  I insisted she not work on it, but to instead use today as a day to rest up.  She finally relented.  
HOWEVER, as she was talking to Inga about some plans on what exactly to do up there, a light bulb lit up in my head.  I headed out to Home Depot.  My plan was to make a ramp to get the drywall and other trash from upstairs to the dumpster without having to lower buckets down, as that was time consuming.  I came up with it as I was wondering around looking at the various options.  Metal roofing material was too expensive, so I moved to OSB.  a 4X8 sheet was just over $7.00, and if ripped would make 2 - 2X8 sheets (yes, I can do math!).  Well, I need about 14 - 16 feet of ramp, so...8 feet plus 8 feet = 16 feet...hmmmm. Add in 2 - 2X4X16's, and we have a ramp!  So, the result is what you see here.  DId it help? You bet it did!  I knocked out more trash today in just a couple hours than I did the previous 2 days!  Oh, and Karen saw me starting to work, and came up to work.  She knocked down a BUNCH more drywall while I got it out of there and into the dumpster.
We still don't have an exact plan on what we want to do, but at least with everything removed we can get a better look at the layout and figure it out.  I plan on having a carpenter come out this week to look at possibly putting in a dormer to allow more room for a bathroom, but we are dubious about whether that will work.  
Well, that is all for tonight.  Karen and I are both thoroughly exhausted.  We could both use really good back massages!

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  1. That Karen is a worker, isn't she? sorry she has a cold. You know Uncle Ed and I got sick with one during the night after Doris' party. We both woke up sick Sunday morning. We're both pretty well over it now. I am totally, but he still sounds sort of choked up and is still coughing.

    The ramp is brilliant. Great job.