Friday, October 29, 2010

underway yet again!

It has been some time since I posted here.  The reason is that it has been too HOT to do anything!  So, there has been nothing to post...
But's the latest on our house remodel.
We plan to fully remodel the upstairs, as you most likely are aware.  And, with mortgage interest rates being so low, we would love to refinance once it is done.  Yet, to do that, we needed to get some other stuff fixed up, one of those things being the hall bathroom.  It has been non-used for a while now, and it was ugly.  So, I gave Inga a budget of $75-$100 to put a facelift on it and get it to where it could be used.
We got a gallon of oil based paint (because you can't oil base over latex), some latex paint for the drywall, some caulk, and some basic accessories.  Karen came down, and they went to work.  The bathroom is now an attractive green, the tub is all shiny, the ugly and unlevel shower doors are gone and replaced with a very attractive curtain, there are new towel racks, the cabinets are painted, and the shower wall was painted.  Then they caulked the tub and put some trim around it (because the tub is unlevel and left a gap).  Oh, and then they threw down some very inexpensive peel and stick flooring.  It looks like an entirely new bathroom!  It is our goal to remodel it totally after the upstairs is finished, hence the small budget.
Then they decided it would be a great idea to paint outside.  I can't argue there - it is badly peeling and faded.  But, before that, we needed to have the underpinning replaced...
So, I found a guy to do that with Hardisiding for a very reasonable price, and it looks very good!  
Now for the painting....
Inga and Karen insisted on them doing it - the scraping, sanding, puttying, caulking, and painting.  I told them repeatedly there were nuts.  But, they weren't having it any other way.  So, Karen trotted down here last week.  And they went to work.  And they worked.  And they worked.  And they worked.  FOUR days of scraping.  They were not 1/2 way done, and they were worn out.  Finally, Inga cried UNCLE and let me call some help in.  The first guy we got was horrendous.  Of the 8 hours, he worked about 4.  I fired him.  I called around Thursday and found 2 more guys.  They showed up Friday and WORKED!  They showed up Saturday and WORKED!  After Saturday, the house was almost all prepped.   Karen had to leave Monday, and Inga had to return to work.  So, the fellows came back, with a 3rd hand, and worked some more.  the house was FINALLY ready to prime!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - the man sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.  The wood soaked and drank and guzzled the primer.  But, here it is on Friday, and the house is all painted!  It looks really good - pictures coming tomorrow when I have some daylight.  All that is left is for him to re install the gutters and we will be done!  YAY!  I could say those 4 little words - but I don't think I have to...
By the way, you may be asking "Jeff, what was your role in all this painting?"  Let me answer that - I HATE to paint.  HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE DESPISE HATE painting.  I made it clear that I would have NO part in the abomination.  I would not participate.  I would watch my little son and let them work.  I did just exactly that.  And I enjoyed myself.
So, what is next?  I need to install the outdoor water heater, and get the upstairs floor in.  It may take a little, however, since I have 2 big school projects to work on, and I have a weekend of being on call coming up.  But, we are making progress...

PS....I gotta say it....I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!
(ah, I feel so much better)


  1. Correction! :)
    The two guys did NOT work Saturday! Inga and Karen did (1/2 day until the rain started.) They worked Friday and Monday.
    I protest!!! :) We were MORE than 1/2 way done.... 2/3 or 3/4 at least. :)
    But yes, we cried UNCLE; I will probably not be going into the home remodeling business any time soon!!
    But sooooo glad for the end result. As the Bible says, a new mother soon forgets her travail for the joy of her newborn son. This house project is my and Inga's baby. And it was worth every moment of exhaustion and the sore muscles. (Now that it is behind us!! LOL) But, please, don't call me for any more manual labor in the next month or two!! :) Karen

  2. Yes, Karen, you are correct. I forgot about the rain - though I don't know how since i was stuck at SMU for 9 hours!
    We are so glad you came, and so very thankful for your work, but keep in mind - I never asked you to work on the paint! You and Inga came up with that hair-brained idea! :)